The Lives of the Saints Through 100 Masterpieces (Duquesne University Press) (Paperback)

Jacques Duquesne and Francois Lebrette

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ISBN: 9780820704364

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Throughout history, artists have often taken their inspiration from religious sources, stories, and imagery, especially from episodes centered on the miracles or martyrdom of Christian saints. In our present age, works of art have never been more carefully preserved and enhanced; museum exhibitions and visits to view artwork in churches and cathedrals have never been more popular. Yet the meanings behind these masterpieces and their tremendous artistic heritage, in contrast, have never been so neglected. The Lives of the Saints through 100 Masterpieces has been designed to look beyond the unquestioned artistic merit of these paintings - often quite well known to us as visual images - to deepen our appreciation of the meanings behind such masterpieces. Jacques Duquesne's descriptions of each piece recount the stories they represent and explain, further, the religious, historical, and cultural traditions surrounding them.