A-B-Cs of M-G-T for the O-R-G 2e

Steven M. Scheer

ID: 1500524

ISBN: 9781506697130

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The A-B-C's of M-G-T for the O-R-G is a guide to organizational leadership. As the title implies, the book uses letters and words, arranged in easy to remember acronyms and plays on words to deliver important ideas and implementation suggestions for anyone who leads or aspires to lead organizations. It is informative and fun. It integrates brand new concepts with up-to-date adaptations of established principles of business management and organizational leadership. It won't take long to read, but it encourages deep reflection and thorough understanding. Arranged into twenty short, easy to read chapters, and divided into five parts, this book guides organizations through implementation of 3 recurring themes: leading others, managing activities and processes, and nurturing creative and critical thinking. Each chapter is assigned either the letter L, M, or N, signaling to the reader the overriding theme of that particular chapter. True to its letters and words focus, each chapter has a section at the end called "Bringing up the R-E-A-R". This end-of-chapter Reader Engagement And Review component consists of chapter content Recall, a short Extension of chapter content through concept expansion or from an additional context; questions to guide concept Application to each reader's own situation, a short list of suggested further Readings to follow up on the chapter concepts. Because each chapter is short, this book can be read in its entirety without a significant time commitment. Yet it serves equally well through engagement and discussion one chapter at a time; making this book ideal for either the classroom in a business management or leadership course, or as a manager guide and training in any organization.