The Somos Student Workbook, Novice Spanish Units 1-9

The Comprehensible Classroom

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ISBN: 9798218260330

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This Student Workbook includes all* student printables that are included in Units 1-9 of The Somos 1 Curriculum for Novice Spanish, which are the units typically covered in first-year Spanish courses. This workbook has been compiled for districts that wish to pre-print student materials and provide course materials to students as a workbook, instead of printing on demand throughout the school year. These workbooks are intended to be used in conjunction with the curriculum, which must be purchased separately. This is an 8.5” x 11”, spiral bound, 168 page workbook with perforated pages. *Included printables: • Somos 1 Unit 1 student printables • Introductions reading • Te presento a • ¿Qué te gusta? • Los cognados • Somos 1 Unit 2 student printables • Los colores y la ropa • Somos 1 Unit 2.5 student printables • Somos 1 Unit 3 student printables • ¿Qué hora es? • Somos 1 Unit 4 student printables • Somos 1 Unit 5 student printables • Somos 1 Unit 5 expansion pack printables • Somos 1 Unit 6 student printables • Los adjetivos posesivos • Somos 1 Unit 7 student printables • Somos 1 Unit 8 student printables • Somos 1 Unit 9 student printables • El Silbón BONUS: Vocabulary page and storyboard for each unit and a few “Easter Eggs”: printables that are only available in this workbook! This workbook does NOT include: • Teacher materials (lesson plans) • Answer keys • Song activities (due to licensing complexities) • Assessments In order to use this Student Workbook, a teacher should purchase the Somos 1 Novice Curriculum, which is available from The Curriculum includes teacher materials, answer keys, song activities, and assessments, which can be printed on-demand. Please contact with questions.